Brand Identity
Project Overview
brand identity for Cuusoo, the dedicated Databricks consultancy brand under Mantel Group. Cuusoo's mission is to assist businesses in leveraging the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, unifying data, analytics, and AI on a collaborative platform. With its brand essence rooted in imagination and vision, inspired by LEGO building, Cuusoo targets businesses seeking expert guidance for optimising Databricks technology.
My Contributions
As the designer for the Cuusoo brand, I conceptualised, presented, and finalised the logo, ensuring it captured the essence of imagination inspired by LEGO. The cohesive and innovative brand identity, including website design, colour palette, and typography choices, was carefully defined throughout the process.
Mantel Group
Mantel Group is a leading IT services and consulting company, offering expertise in Cloud, Data, Digital, and Security solutions. Recognised as one of Australia's top 10 Best Workplaces by Great Place To Work Australia for four consecutive years, Mantel Group is also a leading partner of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cloud services.

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