End of Financial Year

Project Overview
The eBay End of Financial Year Sale is an annual sale event that runs during June. During the EOFY sales, people can find incredible deals on various categories like
Parts & Accessories, Home & Garden, Tools & DIY, Home Office Furniture and Furniture. The concept brief prioritised highlighting people and emotions over objects.
My Contributions
My contribution involved crafting visually compelling and cohesive designs that maintained the essence of the campaign while optimising it for each unique context. This encompassed tailoring visuals for OOH displays to capture attention and ensuring a harmonious integration of the campaign within the online space.
eBay Australia
Aug 2019
eBay is the ultimate online marketplace whit a vast selection of products from both local and international sellers.
Working under
Aug 2019
DEPT® is a pioneering technology and marketing services company that creates integrated end-to-end digital experiences for brands such as Google, TikTok, eBay, ASOS, Zoopla, Twitch, Ancestry, Patagonia and many, many more.

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