How Green Is Your Dog?

Project Overview
The term 'carbon footprint' or is often used in modern society and in general term is a measure of an impact of an activity on the environment by measuring the CO2 emission. It is, of course, a complex process and a true carbon footprint also must take into account other greenhouse gases as well as many other parameters, so carbon footprints are always best estimations rather than true figures. In this instance, rather than measuring the 'carbon footprint' of keeping a pet, it is the 'ecological footprint' that is measured.
My Contributions
I was responsible for the project from start to finish. This included doing research, information gathering, sketching, prototyping as well as presenting the final product.
- Creating designs for a huge variety of products and activities.
- Working alone or in team with client, creative director and project manager.
- Developing creative ideas and concepts.
- Choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives.
Working under
Freelance Graphic Designer
Aug 2016