Antique Shop

Project Overview
SENASIS HEMINGVĖJUS (Old Hemingway) is an antique seller in Lithuania. Because of the main focus on typewriters, we chose Hemingway as the main branding point. Word “old” in a name represents things that this company sells (vintage, antique) but together creates a word play by hinting a novel of E.Hemingway “Old man and the sea”.
My Contributions
My responsibility was to research and develop the logo design concepts around the brief as well as deliver the final logo artwork and identity guidelines.

Minimal and clean design was chosen because of a wish to move away from a crowded and dusty picture of an antique shop that we are used to and to create a feeling of modern and new-age place to find vintage things that you can use in your interior, photoshoots, celebrations like weddings or birthdays and etc.
- Creating designs for a huge variety of products and activities.
- Working alone or in team with client, creative director and project manager.
- Developing creative ideas and concepts.
- Choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives.
Working as
Graphic Designer
Jul 2017

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